List and Sell your home with Take 2 Real Estate for just  3.5%!

When you sell your home, Did you know....

There are typically two Realtors involved, and BOTH agents want to get paid a nice commission!

1 - The "Listing" Agent is the Realtor who represents you, the seller, and markets your home on the MLS, internet, open houses, etc... until it sells. 
2 - The "Buyers" Agent is the Realtor who represents the purchaser or buyer.  This agent has shown your home to the buyers, and has written and presented a contract to you to purchase your home. 

When you sell your home with Take 2 Real Estate, we charge a total of 3.5%.  As your "Listing" Agent, we keep 1% of the commission and pay the "Buyers" Agent 2.5%

Sounds too good to be true? 

What exactly are you getting for such a reduced fee?  Glad you asked!

"Traditional" agents would never work for such a reduced commission, so instead they would have you believe the following "myths" about our service:

  1. "They may only charge 3.5%, but they split that commission with the Buyers agent at closing, and buyers agents aren't going to show your house for only 1.75%" - FACT:  Take 2 Real Estate pays Buyers agents a full 2.5% commission at closing and collects just 1% for our services.  We put that in every contract we write and every MLS listing we create so buyers agents know they are protected and will receive a full 2.5% commission at settlement.
  2. "There must be a fairly large "administrative" fee on top of that small commission" - FACT:  While most traditional agents charge admin fees to their sellers of up to $500 ON TOP OF their commission, Take 2 Real Estate does not charge an admin fee or any other fee.
  3. "At 3.5% commission, you probably just get your home listed on the MLS and maybe a yard sign" - FACT:  In most cases, our service to you far exceeds the services of traditional agents.  For more information on what Take 2 Real Estate does to sell your home for just 3.5%,  click here:  The Take 2 Sellers Advantage
  4. "Because their commission is so low, they probably don't care what your home sells for or how quickly it sells" - FACT:  Most of our listings have sold within 30 days, Many within 20 days, Most within 2% of the original asking price, and several have sold for well above list price!
  5. "At those prices, they must lock you into a rediculously long listing agreement" - FACT:  Our listing agreements are typically for 1-3 months, but if you're unhappy with our service for any reason, just let us know and we will take your home off the market right away.  What have you got to lose?

No games - No outrageous fees - Just great service!

Take 2 Real Estate uses the latest internet technology to give your home the maximum exposure it needs to sell quickly, and for top dollar!  Your home will be professionally photographed and described to potential buyers in ways other agents will overlook.  Your home will be found on the MLS, MULTIPLE real estate websites like, google, yahoo, craigslist and Zillow to name a few, and featured right here on our website which gets thousands of visitors!

When you list your home for sale with Take 2 Real Estate, people will know your home is for sale, and you'll feel good knowing you didn't spend a lot to get the service you deserve. 

If you're ready to discuss the sale of your home, please complete the form below and we will contact you right away.  No pressure and no obligation as always. 

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