How do I get my 2% cash back from Take 2 Real Estate?

There are several ways Take 2 Real Estate will rebate 2% of the sales price

  1. CLOSING COSTS - Take 2 Real Estate will credit you 2% on the settlement statement (known as the HUD-1) towards closing costs.  As an example, should your closing costs come to $10,000 and your cash back from us is $8,000, you will only need $2,000 towards closing costs.
  2. RATE REDUCTION - Should you wish to "buy down" your interest rate with additional points, those points may add up to thousands of dollars in additional closing costs.  Take 2 Real Estate will credit you 2% of the sales price on the settlement statement to use towards closings and any additional points.  By paying additional points to lower your interest rate, you are saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest on your mortgage.  By using your 2% to lower your interest rate, you are effectively saving a lot more money in the long run.
  3. CASH BACK - In some cases, if your lender allows us to, we can credit you 2% cash back on the HUD-1 and you'll walk away from settlement with a check.  For lenders or new home builders that may not allow this, we will simply mail you a check within 48 hours of settlement.  Imagine purchasing your new home and getting a check for $10,000 in the mail from Take 2 Real Estate.  That sure beats a fruit basket and a free calendar at closing!

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