The Move Up Buyers Advantage


You need to sell your old home AND purchase a new one
You use the same real estate agent to both list and sell your existing home AND represent you in the purchase of a new one.


Where does all that commission go?

Pay less than 1% TOTAL to buy & sell with us!


Here's a side-by-side comparison

Let's assume you sell your existing home for $350,000 and purchase a new home for $500,000

Traditional agent Take 2 Real Estate
Sell your home for $350,000
Fee to listing agent -$10,500 (3%) -$3,500 (1%)
Fee to buyers agent -$10,500 (3%) -$8,750 (2.5%)
Total Fees paid to sell: -$21,000 (6%) -$12,250 (3.5%)
Buy a new home for $500,000
Cash back to you     $0 +$10,000 (2%)
Total fees paid to you $0 +$10,000 (2%)


-$21,000 (6%) -$2,250 ( < 1%)



Who walked away with the most money?

Traditional agent total commissions:

($10,500 listing fee + $15,000 buyers agent fee)

Total cash back paid to you!

Take 2 Real Estate total commissions: $8,500

($3,500 listing fee + $5,000 buyers agent fee)



Take 2 is your true partner in Real Estate!  Don't buy or sell without us!

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